First you have to register for the tournament. To register, and confirm your placement in the tournament just buy a ticket from Smash.GG

One hour before your matches start you need to check-in with the Tournament Organiser. This lets us know that you are actually around, and gives us a chance to tell you who your bracket judge is, and where you need to be.

Once you know where you need to be, once the games start, do not leave that area. That is where your tournament matches will be, and if you are called for a match, and you are not there…you will be disqualified and it will count as a loss. If you really need to leave (for example, you need to go to the toilet) please let your bracket judge know.

From then, just follow what your bracket judge says.

Double Elimination is a bracket style which allows players to lose one game, and still be in the tournament.

Instead of having a single Double Elimination bracket, players will be split into pools. These are smaller double elimination brackets, and if you reach either the Winners Finals or Losers Finals of that bracket, you advance through pools! Then, all players who advanced through to pools will be put into another double elimination bracket. If you came from Losers Finals you will automatically be in the Losers Bracket in the new bracket, and Winners Finalists will be in the Winners Bracket.

This still means its essentially Double Elimination, if you lose 2 sets you will be out of the tournament, however this makes it much easier to organize and it will “hopefully” mean less people get lost looking for their game.

To advance, you need to win 2 games out of 3. The only exception is any Finals, where it is 3 out of 5.

For the first game, you can choose any character you want. If you are concerned about a player waiting for you to pick, then counter picking, you can choose to blind pick. This is where both players tell a judge, who they plan to pick, then both players reveal their sheets and play the character said to their judge. If you want to do a blind pick, contact the judge of your bracket.

After the first game, the loser of the previous game may switch character.


  • If there is a pause or controller disconnect while the game is active, then the offending player forfeits that round.
  • Notify when you are going for a button check so there is no confusion. Buttons checks MUST be performed before the match starts and is the responsibility of the player.
  • Any players caught colluding will be BANNED from the tournament without refund. Any placements in qualifiers will also be revoked with immediate effect. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Chronos converters are banned. Fully Updated Brook Converters are allowed
  • PS4 wireless pads are allowed. Any input lag caused by bluetooth interference will not be NGI’s liability.
  • If there are any Controller issues during the round, the offending player will immediately forfeit the current round.
  • You must be aged 16 Years and above, if you are younger you will need an adult or carer with you to attend and they must also have an entry ticket.
  • No outside alcohol/drugs/illegal substances, any found will mean ejection from the venue and possible banning of future events.
  • No fighting at the venue, any fighting is a bannable offense, if there is a problem please contact a member of staff first.
  • Any weaponry brought to the venue will result in immediate calls to the police.
  • Any controllers and sticks are your own responsibility; we will not look after any at any time.
  • Do not touch any of the consoles unless you are plugging in your stick or controller.
  • Please make sure you have your wrist band at all times. Staff will periodically check if you have your wristband with you
  • For venue entry, please print off your Product receipt and a symbol of identification (Driver’s Licence, Passport, EU National Identity Card) to get your wristband.
  • You must make sure you register and paid your tournament entry before you finish registration.
  • Refunds are done by a case by case system, this year we CANNOT guarantee your refund.
  • The rules given for any exhibition, special events, guest games (like Granblue Versus) and others of the sort that is at Revolution 2019 must be followed and adhered too. Not following of these rules could involve a venue ban. Please follow all the rules with these events and ask a member of staff if you are not sure on what you can and can’t do.
  • Due to food on site there is no food allowed in the venue.

  • All games will use default round and time settings
  • If a player does not want to play on a stage that isn’t banned, then the players must agree to a stage that they find acceptable to play on. If an agreement cannot be made, then a judge will make that decision for you.

flattened blazblue banner

  • No Unlimited characters are allowed during the tournament
  • The Following Stages are BANNED due to Parallax scrolling problems: BLUE & Forbidden Gate

flattened skullgirls

  • Best of 5 (First to 3) all throughout the tournament.

  • All tournament matches to be played using docked switches in LAN mode.
  • Character leveling is turned off.
  • Default Stage (Ferrum Stadium) only.
  • Winner can change support set and Nia cheer type, loser can change character along with the above

Blazblue Cross Tag-Battle

  • The Infinite glitch in BBTAG is not allowed in tournament play.  Any players found utilising this exploit will receive an instant tournament disqualification.